Evolve Medical Clinics

Evolve Medical Clinics

Annapolis, MD- Annapolis has a new way to get its Primary and Urgent care. Evolve Medical Clinics has made a game-changing redesign that has their community excited.

The core components of Evolve Next Generation care include:

  •  Modern, clean, thoughtful design
  • A hospitality culture focused on service: Virtual visits, guaranteed on-time visits, same-day appointments, and reliable follow-up
  • Strong emphasis on skilled, friendly staff and providers
  • Membership model designed to eliminate unnecessary hassles and rewards convenience and good healthcare using all available technology
  • Low cost at only $1.15/day and $25/visit offers anyone with a deductible or co-insurance the possibility of lowering their healthcare costs
  • Online and mobile convenience such as appointment scheduling, Rx renewals, clinical triage and personal data management (personal health record including all provider notes, prescription/allergies, lab data)
  • Team-oriented, evidence-based, cost-effective care including the use of physician extenders

Virtual care is set to revolutionize visits to the doctor’s office as we know it. Some estimates state that as many as 70% of all primary and urgent care visits can be conducted virtually.

Contact Information:

Village Greens of Annapolis

509 S. Cherry Grove Avenue
Suites B and C
Annapolis, MD 21401
p. 844.322.4222
e. info@emc4me.com

Website: https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/

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